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Hello, my name is Lexiss. I started my photography journey in November of 2021. I found I had a hidden passion and talent for photography, that I had not discovered until I started looking for a career. I have dedicated the last two years to my studies and practice as a photographer. I was the photographer at Camp Nutimik for the summer of 2023. Now, fall 2023 I have started my business and am a passionate couple, family, grad and pet photographer. I love capturing the moments shared between families and loved ones. There's hardly anything more fulfilling than knowing that I am able to photograph a twinkle in the eyes of a child or the loving gaze between a couple - all beautiful moments I know will be treasured for years to come. I believe with my whole heart that photography isn't about the perfect poses and stiff smiles, but about the precious, beautiful moments that have an undescribable feeling and tells a story that nothing but a photo could express.

If you feel I am the right photographer for you reach out to me 


 - I love to be creative

 - I like to read, especially romance, fantasy and mystery novels

 - I have coffee every morning!

 - Gilmore Girls and Remington Steele are my all-time favourite TV shows

 - Definitely sweet and salty kind of gal

 - Chocolate is easily my biggest weakness

 - I love dogs of all breeds and sizes!

 - I have a passion for dance (13 years of experience)

 - I love listening to country music while reading by the pool in the summertime!

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